I work with artists at my company Iconic Linx, through representation and collaboration. I also have a growing art practice. Like a yoga practice, it is a time commitment. The goal is to create with regularity, more for the soul and balance than any commercial outcome. IKON is another step in my practice.

In Today’s millennial generation, we’ve benefited from the explosion of technology but we also suffer from some of the negative aspects. The addictive, constant and compulsive state of engagement with content has made many of us miserable.  We feel the need to feed the beast by sharing our daily actions big and small. If we don’t, we question the realness and value of our very existence. Then, if we do not get the desired response from our “audience”, emotions of rejection and failure ensue and even debilitate or confuse us. 

With Ikon, I want to bring that transformative community experience I have in my life and workspace to a global audience, using technology to go deeper. We will hear from emerging talent, some made famous by these same digital platforms but in more intimate and lasting ways. You will also hear from established voices. The 21st Century is on the cusp of leaving its teens and cementing itself into bona fide adulthood. We want to capture some of the artistic brilliance from the last century before it is left to memory.

I can remember being a teenager and looking forward to every new issue of Andy Warhol’s Interview magazine. All that highly curated coolness, on the oversized page. The interviews took time to read. We seemed to have more time.  Perhaps, we allowed for more time.

My hope is that IKON will reclaim that feeling and that you will start allowing yourself to take time. We are more of a platform than a traditional online magazine with limited features so you can savor each morsel in little bites. We want you to Keep returning to the poetry, prose, and visual art and that you will be itching for the next installment, like a holiday.

Together let’s move from the compulsive space to the conscious state. Let’s learn to taste the morsels and connect with one another.

Dale Dobson is a maker, collaborator and representative of talent. She is the Executive Director, of the Maysles Documentary Center, in Harlem. She has a life-long love affair with the ocean and a fascination with all things metaphysical. You can follow her work on Instagram or her website, iconiclinx.com.